What I do


Everyone should have a website, more and more business is conducted online and more and more people check companies online before making contact, your website is your first impression and you should always give the best impression possible.

So I offer website development services and design services for new websites or if you already have a website that you feel needs an update I can do this too. I always design websites to work just as well on mobiles and tablets as on PCs and I always use the latest html5 and css3 features.


Good software improves processes and saves time, I specialise in creating bespoke software to meet your needs, whatever the project I will give an honest appraisal of what I can do for you.

I have a wide ranging knowledge of different software tools and can identify which tool will best suit you project. I am able to develop desktop applications, web applications and mobile apps.


Need a logo? Or a flier or leaflet for you event? We can design it for you. We can create designs to match your existing corporate themes or design from scratch.

Why I do it

I do it for two reasons:

  • I believe that technology should not be complex or scary and it should be designed with its users in mind and that bespoke software and websites offer you the opportunity to really have the design and the control you want.
  • For the love of it, development gets me going, and knowing I've delivered the best solution for someone really gives us a buzz, I'm always programming (figuratively) it's a passion as well as a job.

What I offer

Software, website and design services for any project at very reasonable prices coupled with friendly and patient assistance to get you up and running with your new software or website.


Why not check out a few of the things I've done previously:


Friends of St. Aidans

PHP css html 5 jQuery Responsive Designed mySQL Wordpress

The Friends of St. Aidans are a small group of dedicated volunteers who maintain a rare piece of mining equipment, a walking dragline. They also host open days and give talks on historic mining. They needed a website so that they could collate their existing information in to an easy to access format and also to advise members of the public on upcoming events.

There was a large emphasis on being an easy to manage website, with predominantly a single volunteer being responsible for the upkeep of the site, but still being able to allow other users to produce articles for the site, for this I used Wordpress, which is a blogging framework, with a custom branding, they have pages containing information and then make blog posts detailed new or changing information.

The Petersfield Cleaning Services

PHP css html 5 jQuery Responsive Designed Facebook

A modern and clean website design, based on Bootstrap for a local cleaning company. The website features pages for each type of cleaning services with supporting images. The main page also contains integration with the companies Facebook page showing a feed of recent posts to form a 'Latest News' section.

The site also contains a series on online forms for recruitment and a fantastically popular 'eQuote' that allows members of the public to upload details and pictures of a job which are then sent to the company for review.


Project Hercules

C# Designed mySQL

Project Hercules is a piece of bespoke accounts management software, offering a wide range of features including:

  • Job creation and management
  • Staff management including, rates of pay and hours worked
  • Printable staff calendars
  • Invoicing
  • Vehicle stats and milage monitoring

It was designed for a local cleaning business and had helped improve efficiencies by removing long manual processes in accounts management.


Curbridge FC

Designed SVG

Curbridge FC are a local football club for which one of my colleagues plays. He asked if I could design a logo for use on their shirts and on other marketing.

The brief was simple based of thier colours of black and yellow with a cow as the logo.

Looking at other examples of football team logos I based it on a simple shield design but added a nice gradient based bevel effect. The final logo was supplied at both 300dpi and 96dpi for different printing methods.

An image of the team in the uniforms can be seen here.

TPC Design services

Designed SVG

The fantastic TPC Services of Petersfield commissioned me to produce a variety of marketting media for them.

This included:

  • A leaflet that could be used in a variety of printed media including as an advert in a local play that the company were sponsoring.
  • An A5 card that could be left on site at facilities which had been cleaned by the company.
  • A 3ft by 2ft Banner and and 6ft by 4ft banner to be used at a cricket ground the company sponsor.

Please note non-business related projects can now be found on my personal pages here.

Get in touch

I'm always happy to discuss what I can offer you and your business, the best way to contact me is by email: here. with what you'd like to know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

You can also find me on LinkedIn or stackoverflow: profile for Stan Ed at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers