Hama bead art

Apparently when I was a kid these were exceptionally popular and loads of people I've spoken to know about them. I didn't until recently when I saw a stop motion animation of super mario made with them:

This was absolutely awesome and since then I've obtained a rather large number of the beads are set about creating a few cool bead arts myself. Here are a few of my examples.


A cool sonic made of beads.

Despite it's size this was actually the first bead art I made (nothing like starting big!) The image was a sonic sprite that I simply zoomed in on until I could see each individual pixel clearly and then did 1 bead per pixel


A piece of my childhood.

Another piece of my childhood, and the most memorable pokemon :) This was done is a similar way to Sonic however, I shrunk it slightly so that it fitted on a single 28 x 28 board. We currently use it as a coaster.

Minion with flower

a love struck Minion.

This was a present for my partner, which I made from scratch (I did have a look at Minion pictures for inspiration though.

Project Pacman

No image here because Project Pacman deserves it's own page! Basically it's a stop motion animation project a la the mario one detailed above. Full details coming soon...