Curbridge FC

Designed SVG


Recently I was asked to design the logo for Curbridge FC, the brief:

This was actually a fun project because I never get enough opportunities to play with image manipulation, before I show the finished result I thought I’d take you through the steps I went through:


An obvious starting point, I simply looked at some examples of existing football logos, there are actually extremely varied both in detail, colour and shape, after looking around I concluded two points:

  1. The shape of the shield should cover as large an area as possible, rather than curved at the top, or with cut-out sections, so that as much space as possible is available for the logo.
  2. The colours should be kept simple, this was a technical decision as t-shirt printing doesn’t always yield the best results with regards to the range of colours used.


A fairly common feature of football logos is stripes in the colours of the team, this seemed an obvious starting point, so I divided the shield into two, the top half would have the logo on it, while the bottom half would have stripes. The divided would be black with the text ‘Curbridge F.C.’ on it.


20 cm ~ 8 inch

If the image was to be printed at 300dpi then we would be looking at 300 x 8 = 2400 pixels, which means the image would be 2400 x 2400.

Alternatively if the images was to be printed at 96dpi then it would be 96 x 8 = 768 pixels, image therefore being 768 x 768.

Since I didn’t know the dpi of the final printer I created it at 2400 x 2400 pixels but also supplied a scaled version at 768 x 768.


I used gimp as it’s my preferred image editor. And build it as a series of layers, the shield itself was one layer, then the center of the shield was another, the stripes another, and finally the logo and text as another. On the outer edge of the shield I used a bevalled effect, and the stripes I used the selection tool to space them out at fixed intervals. The cow was the most fun part, I had recently been on holiday to Wales, and so had taken the opportunity to take a photo of a few cows, so I drew round on of these and silhouetted it for the logo.


Logo of Curbridge FC

And here is an image of the team in their branded shirts:

A happy team in their new shirts