Dark Seas of Infinity

The dark seas of infinity are a series of short stories I have been working on, currently I have one complete story and one work in progress. They are set in an alternative steampunk Victorian world full of fascinating technology, strange goings on and curious characters.

Book 1: The death and life of Emma Buford

All is not well for Professor Samuel Buford, his wife is dead, his daughter has run off with his flamboyant and ruthless creditor Rikka Gustavus, his greatest invention is likely to be stolen by foreign spies and to make ends meet he has to swindle and blackmail nobles, dangerous nobles with dreams of murder and revolution. But Samuel has a dream, a vision no less! His work will change the world, his work will atone all his sins, his work will restore everything he has lost, if he can get it finished... With time running out and with his enemies amassing against him Samuel needs not just luck he needs a miracle.

Book 2: The desert fox

Years before Rikka Gustavus became a notorious sky pirate he had grown up in a noble family in the northern territory of Asterabad near the Caspian Sea, he was always hot-headed but meant well. The death of his father at the hands of bandits and the military unrest from Uzbek incursions drives Rikka's family into exile and leads Rikka into a military position, but his stockpiling of stolen technology puts him at odds with the British Empire, a situation that can only lead to trouble, trouble that will make or break a man and rob him of all he held dear.

What's next?

I plan to release the stories episodically online alongside artwork drawn by a good friend. Book 3 is also being considered, potentially following another of the characters from the first book.