Irresistible Farce

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Irresistible Farce are a local Warhammer society, who approached me for a website where they could report on activities they were doing, detail army lists and supply tip for other players.

They wanted to have both a blog type section where only members could post, but they wanted to have a forum as well so that they could create discussion. The blog was to be open to non-society members.


Several members of the society had previously used wordpress and had found the interface to be easy to use, wordpress also has a plugin which allows posts to go straight to a twitter account and this was important for the society and because of this Wordpress was the obvious choice for the blog.

In researching forums I concluded that phpbb was the best option since it offered a good combination of features and customisation, and also came with a variety of 'CAPTCHA' and anti-bot programs which would be necessary to prevent the forum being over run with automated advert posts.

An initial design, featuring a 'farcically' confident looking gentleman (stock image) was put forward to the group, who approved it for final design.

The original concept design.

One of the technical challenges was creating some jQuery to unify the menu created via wordpress and the menu structure expected by bootstrap to create a responsive menu, this was easy enough, and means that the group can modify the menu in wordpress' backend in confidence that it will continue to work on any device.


Blog Pages:

screenshot from the Irresistible Farce website.


screenshot from the Irresistible Farce blog.

A live version of the site can be seen at