About me

Hi, I'm Stan and welcome to my corner of the internet, I use it to store details of things I am, or have previously, worked on. Feel free to have a browse, it's an eclectic mix so hopefully something for everyone.

I describe myself as a programming addict, but that's too narrow, I'm a projects addict I get twitchy if I don't have something to be working on, because of this I write, do freelance work, develop games and am an active member of the The dark age society re-enactment society.

I’m also a serious board and card game player, of the Robo-Rally, Powergrid, Bang, Dixit variety, but also of the monopoly and classic games variety. I’m generally up for a game as it’s a nice way to relax and spend time with friends.

Outside of that I spend much of my days working on software and websites as part of my role at a company providing Committee management software to local governments. It keeps me busy and on my toes which I generally enjoy.

I'm always happy to chat with people about anything games, development, or general project related stuff so if you want to chat just get in touch here.

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