Friends of St. Aidans

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The Friends of St. Aidans are a small group of dedicated volunteers who maintain a rare piece of mining equipment, a walking dragline. They also host open days and give talks on historic mining. They needed a website so that they could colate their existing information in to an easy to access format and also to advise members of the public on upcoming events.

There was a large emphasis on being an easy to manage website, with predomenantly a single volunteer being responsible for the upkeep of the site.


Wordpress was an obvious choice since the backend interface was simple and intuative. Additionally the different user types allows settings that the user would not need to use to be disabled. Again given the current popularity of mobile devices the site was designed with responsiveness included. The final design met with approval and so the site has been converted to a wordpress blog and is awaiting final sign off before going live.

A screenshot of the St. Aidans site, soon to go live.

The site is live

The site is live and has been populated with content by the Friends of St. Aidan's volunteers, in my opinion it looks great with all the infomation and content. I feel it is important to preserve this amazing peice of equipment and I hope that this site helps increase awareness and support for this very worthwhile organisation. If you would like to view the website please visit:

The final product with populated content and pictures of the device.